Friday, August 22, 2008

The McCain scrutiny XIII

In an interview with The Politico, Sen. John McCain of Arizona forgot how many homes he owns. Serious business. Straight face. Let that sink in a moment or two, folks … The Maverick® and champion of the common American didn’t remember how many homes he can call home.

“I think — I’ll have my staff get to you,” McCain told The Politico on Wednesday in an interview in New Mexico. “It’s condominiums where — I’ll have them get to you.”

For most Americans, it’s a luxury of forgetfulness we’d love to have. For the rest of us who aren’t millionaires by virtue of strategic marriage, it’s all we can do to cope with one mortgage during the worst time for homeowners in at least a decade. Pity John McCain — he’s lost track of properties with his name on the door.

Fortunately for the absent-minded senator, some generous soul has posted to YouTube a quick tally of Chateaux McCain, with a suitable soundtrack by Feist. It’s all done in the spirit of helping out a man so embarrassingly well-off that he forgets what Americans can’t afford to forget. Ever.

Here’s to you, John McCain — the would-be American president American real-estate speculators have been waiting for.

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