Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The year in JibJab

It’s a fact of American political life: The year in politics isn’t over until it’s been comically synthesized by the good folks at JibJab. This year was no exception, and for good reason. If you can’t make comic fodder out of this crazy, histoeic, transformative election season, you might as well hang ‘em up.

But JibJab’s 2008 offering covers pretty much everything, from the foibles of the Bush administration to the faux pas of an impossibly large raft of presidential candidates, from Putin’s Georgian intervention to John Edwards’ love child, to the meltdown of the global markets to the seizure of ships by pirates off the coast of Africa.

Have a look and chuckle. That was the year that was, according to JibJab. Thank God that was the year that’s over.

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