Friday, September 4, 2009

Deep-fried in the heart of Texas

As the health-care debate prepares to reach fever pitch this month on Capitol Hill, there’s a strangely enterprising soul in Texas who’s come up with a snack that perfectly distills the national passion for fatty food, one that suggests preventive health care for some Americans may be a waste of time.

At least for the duration of the State Fair of Texas, an annual ritual in Dallas and one that claims to be the birthplace of that culinary masterpiece, the corn dog.

Starting Sept. 25, the fair will feature a number of foods created by local amateur foodies. One of them is Abel Gonzales, who’s created what may be the biggest taste sensation to hit the fair since, well, last year.

Get ready for fried butter.

That sound you hear is your health insurance premium going up and your arteries locking down.

Gonzales told NBC News recently that the idea of deep-fried butter isn’t the sort of thing that would appeal to most people. It’s apparently an acquired taste. "But I'm not actually taking a hunk of butter and just putting in a fryer," he told NBC. "That would be kind of gross."

Ya think?

As the video shows, Gonzalez wraps a hunk of frozen, whipped butter inside sweetened dough and flash-fries it. The result: golden, toothsome-looking cholesterol nuggets that are likely to appall your cardiologist.

It’s tempting to say don’t try this at home. Gonzalez is, after all, a professional. In previous years at the State Fair proving grounds, he’s rolled out fried PB&J sandwiches and even fried Coca-Cola Last year he debuted “Fire and Ice,” deep-fried pineapple rings crowned with frozen whipped cream.

This year the ambulances idling in the State Fair parking lot will wait on those who overiundulge in “Green Goblins” (deep-fried cherry peppers choked with shredded chicken and guacamole) and deep-fried peaches and cream.

Commenting on these gustatory train wrecks at the NPR site, Diepiriye has it about right: “[P]robably fried lard is next. Ain't that America.” Indeed.

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