Monday, May 10, 2010

Kagan: The devil may be in the Senate

All eyes are on the White House today for the official announcement of what’s already been reported: President Obama’s second nomination for the United States Supreme Court will be Solicitor General Elena Kagan, finally nominated to the high court (she was informally if not officially shortlisted in 2009). Much of the impetus behind the Kagan forecast was distilled Sunday in a Playbook blog post in Politico, written by the news Web site’s chief political correspondent, Mike Allen.

Kagan would replace the retiring Justice John Paul Stevens, the icon of liberalism who’s retiring after 34 years on the bench.

Allen’s prediction of Kagan was the prevailing wisdom in the home stretch, and not to be ignored when its source is the subject of a New York Times Magazine article naming him as “The Man the White House Wakes Up To.” But a survey of other analysts and legal scholars suggests that some of the same issues that might have scuttled her nomination by the president may be front and center in the looming battle for confirmation by the Senate.

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Image credit: Kagan: Harvard Law School.

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