Monday, September 20, 2010

Vox Africanus schools the Democrats

The current disarray of the Republicans have given Democrats a certain amount of breathing space (probably short-lived) in defining themselves for the voters, who are increasingly skeptical about both parties. Voices in the punditburo have considered how the Dems can best leverage this opportunity — one enhanced by disclosures about conservative Delaware Christian candidate Christine O’Donnell’s past dabbling “into” witchcraft.

Over the weekend, The Root, the news and commentary Web site, published a cautionary tale in comic form for the Democrats — the latest in its periodic Vox Africanus series. With an impact only the visual can bestow, the comic panel by Lawrence Ross and Josh Kemble pithily warns the Democrats against doing more of what they’ve been doing for months now. The Democrats’ conciliatory, hands-across-the-aisle ideal of governing hasn’t worked from day one. The Dems’ willingness to alienate its base has the potential to be political suicide, this year and in 2012. So is adopting the duplicity and coloration of the Republicans.

We know all that. They know that … but there’s something about seeing a path to true Democratic governance smartly distilled in five comic-book illustrations. Maybe now they’ll get the message.

Paging David Plouffe ...

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