Saturday, February 12, 2011

'Incognito': One man's way to self-discovery

Michael Fosberg was busy sprinting from one airport in one city to another, one interview followed by another. "January and February are booked solid," he told theGrio over the weekend, acknowledging his increase in bookings at high schools, colleges and arts festivals for events tied to observances of the Martin Luther King holiday and Black History Month.

It's high season for Fosberg, actor, writer, theatrical producer, storyteller and a man who discovered a wholesale change in his racial identity in the time it took to make one phone call.

Fosberg is the author of Incognito, a one-man, 12-character play that chronicles his world-changing discovery, what led up to that moment when he, a man whose outward appearance marks him as white, finds out his biological father was black. A book of that journey distills his story in book form, and examines how the nation navigates the same turbulent waters. ...

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