Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: JibJab checks in

The wily zeitgeist puppetmasters at JibJab have once again set their hand to a video summation of the big-deal events of the year 2011. Most of ‘em anyway. Certainly due to the time it takes to work up these wildly entertaining projects, they didn’t just finish this thing the day before yesterday. We can only guess what they’d have made of the death of Kim Jong Il, the House Republicans’ cave on extending the payroll tax cut ... or Newt Gingrich in tears. But the release of JibJab’s Year in Review has always been one of our culcha’s most eagerly anticipated sendups, and this year’s model is no exception:

JibJab’s impact as what amounts to a tradition has raised its profile, and generated its detractors. On the company’s Facebook page, critics are weighing in on the quality of the latest JibJab production — one IT star chamber in particular.

“I hate to say it, but these have been going down hill for a few years now.”

“I have to agree that the last few years haven’t seem as innovative as early 2000's were”

“I also agree, it's been much better in past years,”

“I agree, below par this year.”

Michael Kinney of St. Petersburg, Fla., at least tried to put it all in a less judgmental perspective, one the folks at JibJab might even endorse.

“It was a tough year to be funny!”

Image credit: JibJab logo: © 2011 JibJab Media

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