Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nevada Caucus:
Romney out front, Ron Paul in second

Interesting times: The doors haven’t officially closed yet and there are too few returns to give a clear picture. But early indicators point to a compelling night in the GOP race for nomination. Expected news may have sidebar stories that no one saw coming.

Right now, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney leads (as forecast forever) with 37 percent of the 5 percent of the total vote that’s in. Nothing to see there, folks. The bigger story may be what’s happening in the fight for second place. At this posting, Republican Texas Rep. Ron Paul is in second, with 30 percent — well behind Romney but clearly Paul’s best showing yet.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is at 20 percent right now, back in the third-place territory he’s occupied before. But there’s the suspicion of change afoot, possibly a sub rosa narrative among party poobahs that says it’s time for the Newt Train to head for the siding. The candidate is reportedly having a campaign event later tonight at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas — the hotel owned by Gingrich’s billionaire benefactor Sheldon Adelson. Could Adelson be hedging his bets? Stay tuned.

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