Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Year in JibJab 2013

Maybe the triskadekaphobes got it right after all. By pretty close to acclimation, 2013 — with disasters political, social, cultural, meteorological and economic — is one year to get in the rear-view mirror, and fast.

The good folks at JibJab Media said as much with the 2013 edition of their annual parting shot at the year soon to be over, with a nod to everything from a government that didn’t need to be shut down to various and sundry public figures who wouldn’t shut up.

To the tune of “Give My Regards to Broadway,” JibJab puts paid to the year of twerking, the apotheosis of Kanye and Kim, the impact of the drone on our war footing, the passing of people we’ll miss (and not), and the revelations of one Edward Snowden.

You’ve lived through the year; here’s the sendoff it probably deserves:

Image credit: JibJab logo: © 2013 JibJab Media.

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