Saturday, February 11, 2017

A fashion that never goes out of fashion

There’s a rule about old clothes: Don’t throw anything away; it will always come back in style.

That’s the takeaway from a Facebook post sent earlier this month to my friend, the science writer Michael Bradbury, who received it from two other Facebook friends. It’s about as self-explanatory as these things get. Or at least it seems that way:

What looks like another shot at the current occupant of the White House apparently isn’t that at all. Bradbury’s FB friends told him the label was first reported about sometime in 2004 — during the administration of George W. Bush.

The maker of the article in the photo was said to be Tom Bihn, a Seattle-based maker of travel goods that’s been in business since 1972. No way to know whether Tom Bihn plans to put the 2004 tags on its current products.

If so, of course, there won’t be much to do. Some things never change.

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