Saturday, April 22, 2017

The wannabe emperor’s new polls,
and the ones before that

NEVER IN modern times has an American president fallen so far among so many of his fellow citizens so fast. That’s the main takeaway about the Trump White House from the latest opinion polls, any one of which seem to reinforce the results of the one before that and the one before that.

If the ascendancy of House Trump was a miracle of political aviation, the multitude of surveys from several established polling organizations point to that miracle approaching stall speed … some unknown time before the flagship of Icarus Airlines begins the five-spiral crash we know is coming.

We’ve seen the mountain looming in the windshield from a long ways off. There’s chronology and context growing into our popular perception of this manqué presidency, and it doesn’t look good for House Trump.

◊ ◊ ◊

It’s easy to react to one of a collection of the latest polls from a day or two ago or a week ago. That’s part of a snapshot view of the public mood about the Trump administration. What’s telling is what comes next. What comes next is another, closer, wider look at what came before.

The same downbeat reaction to Trump policies and initiatives, the same oppositional perspectives from the voting public, have been the one consistent reaction from much of the voting public that publicly voted his way in November. And that’s the throughline that’s been building for weeks and months.

Never mind the snapshot, the Movie of House Trump is not an especially good one right now, and based on what we know of the director’s previous work, it ain’t gettin’ any better from here on in. The last 100 days don’t augur well for the next 100 weeks.

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