Friday, June 30, 2017

MSNBC Leans to the Right, a Little

What do Bret Stephens and Greta Van Susteren have in common? (a) Both are conservative journalists recently in the pay and orbit of conservative media; (b) both have history with MSNBC. There the similarities end, since one's just started at MSNBC, while the other just left. This latest TV minuet, this square dance of talking heads has got people’s attention and sent fearful progressives rushing to social media to express their concerns.

But for longtime MSNBC viewers, this is about as reliable as the seasons changing — the political seasons. It’s been done before, and more than once.

Stephens, a former columnist for The Wall Street Journal, and as of April an opinion writer with The New York Times, just joined the lineup of commentators on MSNBC, the longtime cable stronghold for liberal American television viewers, and a fresh source of conservative voices added to the “Lean Forward” channel since the start of the year.

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Image credits: Stephens and Van Susteren: MSNBC. Lack: NBC. Swamp logo: © 2017 Jerrick Ventures LLC.

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