Monday, November 9, 2009

We say it's our birthday

Five years ago, while nursing wounds after the 2004 presidential election and eager to say something about that election, the next election and anything in between, I launched Culchavox, more as therapy than with any real hope of reaching a global audience.

It's nice to be wrong.

To all of you around the world (even those of you who just stop by for the images; you know who you are): thanks. We've lived through five turbulent, amazing years; those of you who check in from time to time help keep me sane in one of the challenging times in this country's history.

Thanks everyone. Muchas gracias. Spasiba. Arigato. Obbligato. Merci beaucoup. Thanks for your comments; feel free to leave more. Thanks for indulging me on my Hyde Park Corner, the best soapbox a kid could have. Here's to five more years calling the emperors on their wardrobes. Whoever the emperors are.

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