Monday, January 25, 2010

Jeff & Erin: The Epic

Some venue in Los Angeles is likely to be a very happening place on Oct. 10 of this year, the day when Jeff Wong and Erin Martin of Sydney, Australia, are to be married. Maybe you’ve heard about it. Maybe you’ve seen it. J&E sent out a save-the-date note ... to everyone on the planet.

By way of YouTube, Hyde Park video soapbox of our time, Wong and Martin released what’s already being called an “epic” wedding announcement, a movie trailer that condenses the stuff of several movie genres — from boy-meets-girl-cute to Tarantinoesque badass pyrotechnica — in a four-minute video whose production values and simple storyline have made it an Internet sensation (and we all know how long those things last).

Narrative pretty much undercuts what you have to see to make any sense of. The video is a spirited four-minute mashup that begins when Jeff, in some literal foreshadowing, walks up to Erin in a park. Instant pheromone hookup.

From there it’s off to the races, a rapid-fire production of recent movie styles and directors. There’s a smidge of Kurosawa, a touch of the "Mission: Impossible" high-tension style, a sepia-toned crib of the mapped travels of Indiana Jones, a snatch of the “Matrix” dayglo green vertical titling. And now we know where Michael Bay’s flashpots have been lately.

It all comes to a head in Los Angeles on Oct. 10 of this year, when the couple ties the knot in a ceremony almost certain to be memorialized in another J&E Production. After a honeymoon to we know not where, what’s next? Anything’s possible. There’ve been reports that Jeff and Erin are In Talks with Steven Spielberg about a development deal.

Nah, made that part up. But what if? What a way to start a marriage. That would be epic.

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All the best to you crazy kids.

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