Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Job #1: Saving Haiti

In an instant, the world changed on Tuesday.

That afternoon a cataclysm was visited on the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, a disaster whose scope is undefined, and will be for months or years to come.

What's obviously a gut-check time for the United States (as the only global power that can take the lead in rescuing Haiti, its neighbor just 600 miles away) is also a time for the individual to step up to the plate, sit down at the computer and send the assistance relief agencies need now: MONEY. NOW.

Drop some coin on CARE.

Send those twos and fews to the International Rescue Committee.

A little cheddar, please, to Oxfam. And Doctors Without Borders, while you're at it. And don't get suckered by telephone solicitations; the scam artists are already out in force. Go straight to the sites themselves to be sure your money goes straight where it needs to go.

Doesn't matter what your political or racial or religious persuasion is. This transcends all of that shit. This is nothing less than a time that confirms our primal capacity for empathy, for a recognition of the truly global impact of this event, and what our recognition of that fact, or our failure to recognize it, says about us as human beings.

The people of Haiti need change they can believe in. Our small change can make a big difference.

MONEY. Ora. Ahora. الآن Maintenant. Jetzt. עכשיו اوس 今


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