Monday, August 30, 2010

Diagrammatically opposed

“The outcome of the 2008 Presidential Election was the best thing that ever happened to Fox News. It's like the Discovery Channel got to run shark week for four years, and its audience never gets tired of being scared of sharks ...”

So sayeth the wild bunch at, the humor Web site that vies with The Onion and for the high ground of politically and culturally topical satire and parody.

The Cracked crew recently posted this wicked funny distillation of Fox News’ view of President Obama, one done by using the Venn diagram common to management culture, business plans and PowerPoint presentations as a way to identify the "Enemies of America." The disparate poles of Fox News’ anxieties, the four sums of all its fears come together in the classic Venn construction, centering finally on the image of the 44th president.

You can bet that full-color printouts of this thing are adorning the walls of some of those who work for Fox News right now. The diagram would truly be funny if its graphic assessment wasn’t so close to what Fox brass almost certainly believes.

Of course, in humor there is simplicity. Why, it’s probably all one big oversimplification.

Or maybe not.

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