Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sex and the smartphone

If you bristled at the premium price you paid for your iPhone, this may be welcome news: the premium price for that smartphone may yield another kind of premium. The folks at the dating data-mining Web site OKCupid determined that there’s a quantifiable relationship between smartphone and sex life if you own one of the three leading brands. (Guess which one came out on top.)

OKCupid, which boasts 3.5 million active members, explains the origins of the information that makes it all possible: “We found this data as part of our general camera-efficacy analysis: we crossed all kinds of user behaviors with the camera models and found we had data on the number of sexual partners for 9,785 people with smart phones. We dropped what we found into Excel, and voila.”

Voila indeed.

◊ ◊ ◊

Android users take note: you’re on the short end here, regardless of the Droid’s capabilities. OKCupid’s data indicates the average numbers of sexual partners at age 30 at six, for men and women. Not bad, but compared to the other brands, one thing Droid doesn’t do (as much) is sex. This could be a reflection of nothing more than the Droid being the newest of the three models. Time and brand awareness should change that (especially if Google completes its mission to become Unrivaled Master of the Universe).

BlackBerry holders fare better; men score 8.1 partners by age 30, women get a little busier with 8.8. Apparently, carrying a Torch works very well.

But our winner is the one you know and love. The holders of the Apple iPhone bigfoot everybody on wild sex in the working class. OKCupid’s data finds that male iPhone users each have had 10 sexual partners by age 30. Women top the scores again with an average of 12 partners each. How will Steve Jobs work this into the next iPhone generation?

Interestingly (marketing people take note), OKCupid’s data showed, in another graph, that the sex/smartphone relationship by brand stayed the same for smartphone users for a wider universe, of those between 18 and 40 years of age — even as the amount of sex keeps rising ... throbbing ... climbing passionately as users increased in age. Between age 25 and age 40, sexual healing for holders of any of the three brands doubled, even tripled.

So when the bill comes for service from the signal carrier for one of these three brands, suck it up and pay, and sing a joyful noise. If OKCupid’s stats are right, your smartphone makes you smarter than you thought.

Image credits: Graph images: OKTrends > OKCupid. Thanks and a hat tip to Del Engen.

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