Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Democratic Convention Day 1:
Funny or Die demolishes Trump’s outsourced patriotism

GIVEN THE FIREPOWER of the speakers on Monday, it’s easy to see how other parts of the Democratic National Convention were overlooked. One of the best was a hilarious, topically on-point Funny or Die video putting the bald-faced lie to Trump’s vein-popping call for a return to American manufacturing power.

In “Donald Decoded,” comedian Ken Jeong (“The Hangover”) plays the role of an average Joe inclined to believe Donald Trump is serious about a call for a return to products “Made in the USA.” Austen Goolsbee, former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers and Obama Cabinet member, is the one who sets him straight.

Jeong goes with the prevailing assumption that the merchandising galaxy of Trump-themed products are all made in the United States. Goolsbee begs to differ, and a genial argument ensues over a mannequin containing Trump wear.

“Look at this Trump shirt,” Jeong says. “Made in ... good old ... Bangladesh.” Leong goes for a Trump tie, “probably made in Pennsylvania — China?”

Goolsbee opens a Trump jacket to reveal the label. “Mexico?” Jeong says, incredulous.

Jeong: “Trump vodka?”

Goolsbee: “The Netherlands.”

“Trump crystal barwear?”


“Holy Melania!”

IT’S a spirited, devilishly funny goof that distills a huge, huuuuge problem for Trump, and skewers one of the main Trumpian campaign scaffolds: how tough he’d be on trade, and how aggressively he’d act to make “Made in the USA” more than just an anachronistic slogan.

It’s problematic for Trump in ways he can’t spin his way out of. You can talk only so much and so tough about clamping down on Chinese imports ... when your own company sells ties that are made in China.

In the days to come, watch for a Trump reaction to this video, one that’s likely to be perfect for revealing the label that The Donald and his campaign have worn from the beginning: “Made in Desperation.”

Image credits: Goolsbee and Jeong in "Donald Decoded": © 2016 Funny or Die Inc.  Funny or Die logo © 2016 Funny or Die Inc.

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