Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Democratic Convention Day 1: Warren weighs in

MASSACHUSETTS SEN. Elizabeth Warren stepped in to do her role in this tag-team attack dog approach. She compared and contrasted Clinton and Donald Trump, so you don’t have to. Her style seemed more subdued — coming after Michelle Obama’s barnburner, how could it not? — but she dutifully laid the wood to the Republican nominee.

“We are here tonight because America faces a choice, the choice of a new president.

“On one side is a man who inherited a fortune from his father and kept it going by cheating people and skipping out on debts. A man who has never sacrificed anything for anyone. A man who cares only for himself — every minute of every day.

“On the other side is one of the smartest, toughest, most tenacious people on the planet — a woman who fights for children, for women, for health care, for human rights, a woman who fights for all of us, and who is strong enough to win those fights.

“We’re here today because our choice is Hillary Clinton.”

Warren laid into one of the more galling aspects of the Trump persona: a relentless greed and indifference to human suffering that’s presented as a kind of economic manifest destiny. “Donald Trump said he was ‘excited’ for the 2008 housing crash that devastated millions of American families because he thought it would help him scoop up more real estate on the cheap,” Warren said. “Donald Trump set up a fake university to make money while cheating people and taking their life savings.

“Donald Trump goes on, and on, and on, about being a successful businessman, but he filed business bankruptcies six times, always to protect his own money and stick his investors and contractors with the bill. Donald Trump hired plumbers and painters and construction workers to do hard labor for his businesses, then told them to take only a fraction of what he owed or fight his lawyers in court for years.

“What kind of a man acts like this? What kind of a man roots for the economic crash that cost millions of people their jobs? Their homes? Their life savings? What kind of a man cheats students, cheats investors, cheats workers?

“I’ll tell you what kind of man. A man who must never be President of the United States.”

Image credits: Warren: Via The Daily Beast.

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