Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election 2016: Clinton wins seven states,
District of Columbia

Hillary Clinton has won seven eastern states and the District of Columbia, MSNBC reports. Clinton puts Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois (20 EV), Massachusetts (11 EV), Maryland (10 EV), New Jersey and Rhode Island in the Democratic column; those states plus the District of Columbia, heavily-African American, give Clinton an early edge in the early electoral-vote count (75-66).

Illinois was probably a lock for the Democrats; it's President Obama's home state, and Clinton spent time there herself. She grew up in the Chicago suburb of Park Ridge, in a home on Wisner Street in an upper middle-class neighborhood. She threw out the first pitch at a Chicago Cubs opening day game in April 1994. Clinton won other states in the northeast, all of them consistent with pre-election forecasts. One of them, New Jersey, puts a bit of a thumb in the eye of Gov. Chris Christie ... Trump's prospective transition director.

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