Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Vote. It matters.

NO, IT’S NOT tomorrow or next week. Election Day is today. Right now. It’s under way. It’s on. And if you’re registered, wherever you are, you need to be there. Get out and vote today.

The presidential election pitting Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump is the starkest, most incredibly obvious choice between two different iterations of the United States that we’ve had in years, maybe generations.

And no matter which side of this great political and cultural divide you’re on, it’s important that you make your voice, your choice, known. This is one of those things that’s both a duty and a right, a privilege and a responsibility. And there’s no good reason to sit this one out. Cynicism is not fashionable, no matter what your hipper-than-thou friends say.

If you’re registered, follow through on what you’ve already set in motion. Finish what you started. Go vote. Don’t shrug your shoulders and say “it doesn’t matter,” like those invertebrate knuckleheads whose patriotism, whose belief in this country, is an exercise in the situational.

The lounge chair will be waiting for you when you get back. Drop the 40-ounce. Put down the blunt. Binge-watch “Luke Cage” or “Peaky Blinders” when you get home. You need to do this. If you’re gonna be a card-carrying trash-talker about this nation and who runs the government, you need to be a card-carrying citizen who helps decide who runs the government.

It’s not tomorrow or next week. Election Day is today. Right now. It’s on. And if you’re registered, you need to go there. Be there. Ahora.

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