Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election 2012: Obama closes the gap

Per NBC News projections, President Obama is narrowing the electoral vote gap with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney with a series of expected victories.

Obama wins his home state of Illinois (20 EV), as well as Maryland (10 EV), Connecticut (7 EV), Maine (4 EV), Rhode Island (4 EV), Delaware (3 EV) and the District of Columbia (3 EV). The president also gets the satisfaction of stealing Romney's home state, Massachusetts, and its 11 electoral votes.

Romney wins Tennessee (11 EV), Alabama (9 EV), Oklahoma (7 EV), and Mississippi (6 EV)

The new EV totals are Obama 64, Romney 82.

Interestingly, in the crucial state of Ohio, NBC is characterized it as too close to call right now, but with 7 percent of the votes in, Obama has a 103,000-vote bulge. And in Florida, with 42 percent of votes totaled, Obama has a 73,000-vote lead.

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